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Advancing Education and Talent Development

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Colorado must rise to the challenge

A credential beyond high school—whether a certificate, two-year or four-year degree—creates tremendous opportunity for the individual, the economy and society as a whole. There are many pathways to higher education that provide the skills, training and knowledge necessary for success in a rapidly evolving economy—and those paths should be available to every student in Colorado.

Colorado Rises: Advancing Education and Talent Development is an urgent call to action, identifying four strategic goals that will help accelerate progress and fulfill a commitment to our state, and to ourselves: that by 2025, 66 percent of our adult population will attain postsecondary credentials aligned with their interests, equipping them for success.

This goal is designed to meet state workforce needs. To reach 66% attainment will take all education providers, not just the public institutions. It is a state imperative but a talent imperative too.  Our success will strengthen students, families and communities.

Students at Colorado Mesa University share stories of success and overcoming odds to complete their college degree.

How do we get to 66% by 2025?

To meet the state’s needs, we put forth four goals to help all Coloradans earn the knowledge, skills and training necessary for success in a rapidly evolving economy.

Strategic Goal #1
Increase Credential Completion

Significantly increase the number of credentials that students earn and increase credential completion in high-demand areas, including STEM and educator preparation.

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Strategic Goal #2
Erase Equity Gaps

Success in meeting the statewide goal of 66% hinges on improving completion for all students. That means we must address the unequal outcomes for minority students and erase equity gaps.

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Strategic Goal #3
Improve Student Success

Promote students’ timely completion through new approaches and practices.

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Strategic Goal #4
Invest in Affordability and Innovation

Increase public investment and encourage models that reduce costs and time-to-degree and improve outcomes.

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Coloradans Rise to the Challenge

"Colorado Mesa saved my life."

EricColorado Mesa University

"Students need to know their 'Why.' Why are you attending school?"

AlishaColorado Mountain College, Spring Valley Campus

"Students need to know education is important. I was in the workforce & fired for lack of education. CMC gave me confidence."

JonathanColorado Mountain College - Spring Valley Campus
Current 2018
Goal 2025
How is Colorado Doing?

Reaching Goal 2025

The Commission, in consultation with public institutions of higher education, will establish specific annual targets toward meeting the four goals. Targets and progress will be captured on a forthcoming data dashboard.

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What Now?

Our attainment goal demands urgent action. We set goals to accomplish the challenge. The stakes are high.

Colorado must compete—we must rise to this challenge.

In doing so, we’ll be fulfilling the values we so often equate with our great state: a pioneering pursuit of opportunity; creative entrepreneurialism; innovation; and above all, a population capable of not just thriving, but truly leading our nation.

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